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Simple. Powerful. All at once.

Reimagine your productivity. 2Do is now more powerful than ever.

Requires OS X 10.10. Made for 10.14 Mojave. Works on 10.15 Catalina.

Utility Panel

Quick Entry

Ready for Mojave

macOS 10.14 is no stranger for 2Do so we added new features just for Mojave


Share Extension

New Design

Timing Mac App

  • 2Do is a great choice for 99% of the Mac owners who are looking for a robust task manager to handle a variety of home and work tasks.
  • An excellent task manager with tons of feature, a great UI, and an excellent iOS companion app.
  • – Appstorm
  • The Best Task Manager for iOS, 2Do, is Now Available for Your Mac.

Streamlined apps

Refreshed Dock

Control Center for Mac

Notification Center

Timing Mac App Review




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